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VMEbus Other Products

Merlin ProductDescriptionData Sheet
MVME-94608 Channel Quadrature Encoder Module. Replacement for SBS IP-ENCODER6 used with VIPC618 Carrier Board.9460b.pdf
MVIPC-616VMEbus Industry Pack Carrier Module. Replacement for GE-IP VIPC-616.MVIPC-616.pdf
MVME49054 Channel Digital/Synchro Converter Module. Replacement for GE-IP VMIVME-4905.MVME4905.pdf
MVME-49114 Channel Synchro/Digital Module. Replacement for GE-IP VMIVME-4911.MVME4911.pdf
MVME-113Memory Module. Replacement for Xycome XVME-113.MVME-113.pdf
MVME-64SD3Synchro/Resolver to Digital Converter Module. Replacement for North Atlantic Instruments VME-64SD3.MVME-64SD3.pdf
MVME-B5410C6 Channel Synchro/Resolver to Digital Converter Module. Replacement for Transmagnetics - North Atlantic Instruments B5410C.MVME-B5410.pdf
9531 FPDP SRAMThe user may access the 8 Mbytes of SRAM through either the VMEbus or FPDP interface. 9531.pdf