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Toll Free in the USA: 866-700-7704
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Keysight E1467A


64SD3 and 64C2 Series


Abaco announced product obsolescence on Sept. 11, 2018. Merlin Embedded already has a drop-in replacement. We removed the 2 internal connectors on our MVME-2528 and replaced them with DIP-Switches. We then modified the firmware to match the register map of the VMIVME-2510. The data sheet for our MVME2510 can be found at

Merlin Embedded started work in September 2018 on the design of a drop-in replacement for the Keysight E1467A 8x32 Relay Matrix Switch.  We expect to have units available in late November 2018.  Using the E1467A design as a template, we will follow this project with drop-in replacements for the E1442A, E1460A, and E1476A.  We believe that these will replacements for these 3 products in early March 2019.

We plan to start work in December on a replacement for the 64SD3.  Customers interested in evaluating a prototype can contact Andrew Cook at (866) 700-7704 or

We are also looking for customers that are interested in the 64C2 series of I/O products.  If enough interest is generated, we should be able to start work in late January 2019.