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Benefits are clear
and can be translated
to dollars saved:
No software changes.
No I/O connector changes.
Minimal documentation changes.
On-site product integration support.
Commercial I/O products in VME, CPCI, IP, PCI, PMC,and other industry standard form factors.
No risk. Merlin does not invoice until a working prototype is delivered.
For quantities of 20 or more units NRE charges can usually be eliminated.
Proven track record.

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Featured Product
MIP-Therm - IndustryPack Thermistor Module
Merlin Embedded announces the release of the MIP-Therm IndustryPack Thermistor Module; a drop-in-replacement for the

The MIP-Therm IndustryPack replaces the SBS IP-THERMISTOR from GE-IP. The SBS IP-THERMISTOR has gone obsolete and has reached its end of life. Merlin Embedded has designed and produces a true Drop-in-Replacement (DIR) that is form, fit, and function compatible with the SBS IP-THERMISTOR. This is a new, pin-for-pin compatible, equally functional product, that will provide users of the SBS IP-THERMISTOR a seamless replacement with no software or cabling changes to their system.

The module provides 16 channels of temperature input for thermistor-based sensors. The circuit functions as a complete solution for integrating thermistor circuits in an IP-std platform. Thermistors are negative temperature coeffient resistors; as temperature sensed increases, resistance value decreases. The module provides a stable current source and measures voltage drop across the sensor into the 16 channels of ADC inputs. The module then performs, buffering, S&H, control and conversion. There is no external function required, such as timing, signal conditioning or ADC.

All other features and capabilities that were available on the SBS IP-THERMISTOR are standard on the MIP-Therm IndustryPack.

As with all Merlin Embedded DIR products, the MIP-Therm IndustryPack has the same, or better, functional performance than the product it is replacing. All Merlin Embedded products are backed by a 2-year warranty and 15 years of life-cycle support. The user will not have to take on any obsolescence issues when utilizing Merlin Embedded products.

Merlin’s capabilities go beyond embedded systems.
Please contact us for your special applications and requirements.

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